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Welcome to World of Advanced Molecular Diagnosis

The President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee launching the Truelab™ Real Time quantitative micro PCR System at the National Technology Day Celebrations at Vigyan Bhawan on 11th May 2013.


Molecular diagnostic technologies have been around for quite a while, with the promise of delivering sensitive, specific, cutting edge tests, especially for infectious disease targets, to the affected masses.  However, the delivery of molecular diagnostics has not met the expectations. This is primarily due to various complexities and short comings inherent in the current offering of products in the molecular diagnostics space.

Molbio Diagnostics, brings to the healthcare professionals worldwide the “Truelab™ Real Time quantitative micro PCR system”, that makes Real Time PCR testing simple and possible in all laboratories, in the field and in near-patient settings. The smart design of the hardware and the room temperature stable reagent microchip make the assay robust and affordable.

This advanced nucleic acid test system is highly sensitive and specific and provides results within an hour compared to the conventional test methods that can take days to report results.