ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 13485: 2016



These are disease Specific Chip-based Real Time micro PCR Tests, for automatic amplification and analysis of extracted nucleic acids with Truelab™ Real Time micro PCR Analyzer



Truenat™ MTB Truenat™ MTB-RIF Dx
Truenat™ HBV Truenat™ H1N1
Truenat™ Dengue Truenat™ Chikungunya
Truenat™ Dengue/Chikungunya Truenat™ HCV
Truenat™ HIV-1 Truenat™ Rabies
Truenat™ CT Truenat™ NG
Truenat™ CT/NG Truenat™ Salmonella
Truenat™ Trich Truenat™ Malaria Pf
Truenat™ Malaria Pv/Pf Truenat™ MTB Plus
Truenat™ HPV-HR  


Common Control Available for the
available Chip-Based Real time PCR tests

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