ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 13485: 2016


Truelab™ Uno Dx Real Time Micro PCR Analyzer:¬†The Real Time Micro PCR analyzer is used for amplification, detection and reporting of results
Truelab™ Micro PCR printer: Prints the results of the PCR tests performed by Truelab™ Uno Dx Real Time Micro PCR Analyzer
Trueprep™ AUTO Universal cartridge Sample preparation device: The Sample prep device works in tandem with the Trueprep™ AUTO Universal Cartridge Based Sample Prep Kits for the process of extraction and purification of nucleic acids from clinical specimen.
Truepet™ Fixed volume, Precision micropipettes: Precalibrated fixed volume pipettes that ensure accurate pipetting of reagents and samples during the extraction and purification process.
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